+5 Rnd Magazine Pad for AR-15 MAGPUL GEN M3 .223 Rem Magazine

35,90 Incl. VAT

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Easy add +5 capacity that will allow you to stretch your mags a little further between reloads. Designed to use the factory spring, you simply remove the existing factory bottom plate and slip the ARMANOV +5 extension in place. A socket screw holds the extension in place. The factory spring has more than enough energy and travel to feed ALL rounds into your weapon. The design allows for easy removal so that you can take the entire magazine apart for cleaning. Quickly and easily attaches to and detaches from the magazine tube. One piece design; no small parts to keep track of. Minimal length addition to allow usage while in a prone position. CNC machined from solid piece od aluminum. Holds 25 rounds on the PMAG20. Holds 35 rounds on the PMAG30. Holds 45 rounds on the PMAG40. CNC machined from solid piece od aluminum. Anodized finish. Reverse compatible with GEN2 PMAGs. Available in black, blue or red. Made in EU

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Aluminum Colour

Anodized Black