Aleksander P.

“Shooting range 25m”

Ivo S.

“Shooting range 25m”

Ronald P.

” I tested AF 147gr bullets with my HPS Open gun. Did not use any support. Distance is 22m to 23m. First group is before adjusting the sights, second one is after adjusting. Both times i fired 10 shots. I think this is not too bad ;)”

Ernest B.

“Shooting range 25m”

Manuel S.

“25m – OpenLoad – SPS Vista Star. Precision is really good, my personal skills are not so?? Thanks a lot for your samples. Was a pleasure to test them.”

Simon M.

“Shooting freehand from 20 meters.”

Franz S.

“Today i was shooting, and i am happy. The bullets work fine with my Shadow Viper (polygon barrel). The test was not with a machine, ist was standing free with two hands at 23,5 meter.”

Zoran C.

“Shooting range 25m”